Multi-Cell Pressure Filters

Loprest pressure filters can be provided in horizontal or vertical vessel configurations for flow rates from 50 to 5,000 GPM.  The Loprest multi-cell pressure filter design produces its own backwash water, so there is no need for a separate treated water source and pumping system.  The Loprest filter design has been optimized over many years for reliable, efficient, economical operation.  All Loprest treatment systems are operated by a fully automated control package.

Multi-Cell Filter Brochure


Further reduction of the volume of backwash water requirements can be achieved with the application of the Loprest SYNCRO-CLEANSE® process.  This patented design utilizes both air and water for a more efficient backwash operation.


The synchronized backwash allows for less bed expansion while providing the necessary agitation for solids released. Through the progression of drain down, air wash, air/backwash combined and backwash only the collision of media particles facilitates the detachment and release of solids trapped by the media. Following a collision filtered solids become suspended and backwashing brings the solids to the waste outlet. Loprest uses a specifically designed baffle piping to prevent media loss during this phase. The specialized baffle creates an air-free zone. In this zone, any entrained media can settle out of the backwash water and fall back into the media bed.


  • Reduces Wastewater
  • Compact Design
  • Prevents Media Loss
  • Maximizes Media Cleaning
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction